One Stop Shop

Prism is a standalone program that requires no external software to operate flawlessly. There is no longer a need for specific programs for autofocusing, guiding, or plate solving. Prism can do it all.


Easy Setup and Operation

You can set up your imaging equipment with Prism very easily and quickly. some of the most useful tools include:
  • Polar alignment: Use the conventional or King drift method for extreme accuracy.
  • Focal length retrieval: your scope’s focal length can be easily found using plate
  • solving. Which is particularly useful for Maksutov and SCT telescopes
  • Hardware profiles for the equipment that you use the most
  • Easy to view/control equipment tabs the GUI experience



Prism can control your entire imaging hardware night after night. With a fully featured automatic observation tool you can:

  • Operate your supported power strip to turn on individual receptacles ( IP camera, mount, cameras, focuser, etc..).
  • Automatic startup and shutdown
  • Automatic sky flats (Dusk and Dawn)
  • Autofocusing with advanced star magnitude retrieval
  • Plate solving: local and blind ( Astrometry.net as a failover)
  • Advanced target selection algorithm where western targets are imaged first
  • Dome or Roll off observatory Control
  • Automatic shutdown routines when clouds are detected (cloud sensor sold separately)
  • Automatic meridian flips
  • Smart cooling and warming: stairwell temperature operation for maximum CCD/CMOS protection
  • Automatic FTP file Uploads for remote observatories
  • Email notifications of session success or possible errors


Scientific Analysis

Some of the advanced features are:

  • Automatic prescan subtraction
  • CCD Testing: Linearity, transfer efficiency, readout noise, dark current, Quantum efficiency, pixel to pixel correlation (Crosstalk), and more
  • Turbulence image optimization
  • Centroid calculation to 1/100th of a pixel
  • Optical quality checks: Four corner image reduction, tip/tilt measurements
  • Astrometry
  • Photometry: batch processing of file to identify moving objects (comets, asteroids) or fixed objects (exoplanet transits, variable stars)
  • Spectrography
  • Atmospheric seeing calculations