The DarkSky Galactic Star Chart was our first endeavor to create Stellar Art. The Star Chart has recently been updated and is as beautiful as the first, but with more accuracy and functionality. Set in a hand-crafted hardwood frame for indoor display, or in a durable aluminum frame for outdoors, the Galactic Star Chart is a unique piece of Stellar Art that will keep you, your friends and family fascinated for hours on end.  The Galactic Star Chart represents both Norther and Southern Hemispheres, spread out for viewing simultaneously. This piece is also highly customizable and among the available features are equatorial navigation lines, right-ascension hours, constellations, bright-star names. A new feature we’ve developed allows the Galactic Star Chart to show Messier and Herschel Objects separately from the star field – each feature dimmable to allow emphasis on whatever catches your interest.


The Planisphere, like so many other tools used by stargazers, is a functional piece consisting of a 16-inch diameter clear disk that’s been carefully etched with an accurate star map and the constellations we use to reference them.  This Map Disk is carried in a beautifully finished hardwood frame with controllable lighting that illuminates the disk to bring all the stars etched on its surface to vibrant color. The Planisphere’s lights can be changed to many colors, including the dim red used by stargazers to preserve their night vision.  There are several features on the Planisphere that are customizable, regardless of whether you choose to have us customize yours or not, it’s an amazing piece of functional art that you and your family will treasure for generations.

Constellation Art

Beautifully designed piece to showcase this functional star chart for your home, office or observatory.