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PRISM is the swiss Army Knife of Astronomy Software, it is a complete toolset from image editing 

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Most frequent questions and answers

PRISM is a windows only software but can be virtualized for some applications.

Something to keep in mind ins the limited inherent to virtualizations. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Absolutely, PRISM can assuredly center your telescope in the night sky using local plate solving, blind plate solving, Astrometry.NET local and online

You bet. PRISM can use a a star centroid to reliably focus your telescope. It can also use fat Fourier transformation to focus on other surface like the surface of the moon. Additionally, it is capable of even focusing on a slit for spectrography

In the lite and professional versions, you can connect and use three cameras:


1x Guider

1x DirectShow video camera

On the other hand, the advanced versions can image with:

2x Simulataneous imagers

1x Guider

up to 8x cameras through a PGM script

Not at all. PRISM can autoguide your system on a centroid, the multiple stars, on the entire image using fast Fourrier transformations

No, PRISM is CPU bound and can perform all your operations with minimal graphics card load.

Yes, you can export your images to adobe photoshop as  TIFF  files and continue processing

you can export your files as FIT, FITS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG and more

Yes, PRISM can open and process Canon raw images.

You bet. All gear that has an ASCOM driver is supported. This includes:

  • Cameras
  • Filterwheels
  • Autoguider
  • Mounts
  • field rotators
  • Dome and Roll-off roofs
  • Power distribution
  • Dew heaters
  • OPTEC’s Perseus
  • Cloudwatchers
  • Weather Stations
  • GPS Receivers

Yes, as long as you’re using the latest SBIG driver, your camera will work.

Yes, PRISM can not only rotate your dome, but it will also open and close the shutter. Some hardware are supported using DLL and most use ASCOM

PRISM can connect to your flat panel using an ASCOM driver or using a script. 

YES! PRISM includes a scripting language called PGM, it is a simple yet powerful scripting language to build literally anything you want.

No, PRISM’s computations rely heavily on your CPU power. Most modern computers can perform all the necessary power. A graphics card is great to have but not necessary.

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PRISM autoguiding

PRISM supported all your gear Wide Range of Hardware

Wether you have an ASCOM, DirectShow or any other supported cameras like SBIG, PRISM can connect and control your entire observatory.

autofocus | autoguiding | Image ALL-IN-ONE SOFTWARE

You will not need anything other software – PRISM provides a complete suite for autoguding on a the centroid of a star, on multiple stars, using Fast fourrier transformations, or even a slit.

PRISM includes some intelligent countermeasures to make your guiding perfect; it can even watch your declination drift and reverse course, especially useful after a meridian flip.

PRISM autoguiding
spectral line focusing

Science on board SPECTROGRAPHY

PRISM is an astronomy program specifically designed for scientific analysis. Developed by an astrophysicist in 1995. 

You can autofocus on a spectral line to get the sharpest focus possible. To help remained focused, you can autoguide on a precise point on the guidechip as well.

steroids, comets, exoplanets PHOTOMETRY

Center your telescopes with the highest precision to a 1/100th of a pixel. PRISM makes it extremely easy to find anything in space, literally!

Automatic Photometry
plate solved image

Plate solving ASTROMETRY

Automatic batch photometry is a tool that makes measuring any object in the sky fast and easy. Measure asteroids and comets with ease, PRISM makes it so much easier to perform very precise astronomical measurements.

solar system SOLAR SYSTEM

Plan your planetary imaging by planning your imaging sessions well ahead of time. PRISM can compile ephemerides data months in advance.

solar system planning

How Does PRISM Stack Up? Tall, VERY TALL

Feature BReakdwn

This table breakdowns the difference between PRISM Pro vs a more expensive Maxin DL and TheSKyX.

This intended to be as a reference for comparison like for like to be as fair as possible.

Still Not Convinced?

prism's real cost savings

We made the table to the right to show you how much you would pay with the competition and you will not even get close to the richness of PRISM advanced/s feature set.

Which Version is Right for Me?

Feature BReakdwn

PRISM Advanced is the most popular version since it includes some of the most advanced professional features used at top-tier observatories

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