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PRISM v10 – A Powerful Yet Easy to Use Astronomy Software

PRISM v10: computer astronomy software
What operating systems does PRISM work on?

PRISM v10 is a windows application, it can be virtualized however.

Does PRISM work with my equipment?

PRISM controls a wide range of hardware through ASCOM and native drivers such as:

  • FLI Cameras
  • SBIG cameras

PRISM will control these types of hardware:

  • Up to 8x cameras in an arreay
  • Up to 8x filterwheels
  • 1x autoguider
  • Up to 8x focusers
  • 1x rotator
  • 1x Mount
  • 1x Instrument select
  • 2x flat panels
  • 1x GPS
  • 1x weatherstation
  • 1x cloudwatcher
  • 1x roof controller (Rolloff roof or dome)
How many PCs can activate PRISM on?

PRISM can be activated on up to 3 simultaneous PCs, we also proved a way to de-register and register new machines.

If you suffer a hardware crash for example, we are always here to help

Astronomy Software - Prism V10 | Lite


A perfect fit for the beginner astronomer wishing to sit under the starry night and enjoy the company of their telescope

  • Plan using the skychart
  • Capture images
  • Focus your telescope
  • Autoguide
  • Process your final stacks


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Astronomy Software - Prism V10 | Advanced


The mother of all astronomy software, this version includes some professional observatory tools only availble to professionals

  • Plan using the skychart
  • Capture images
  • Focus your telescope
  • Autoguide
  • Process your final stacks
  • Camera Arrays up to 8x
  • CCD Charecterization
  • Advanced Features


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Astronomy Software - Prism V10 | Professional


Capable of running an entire observatory automatically night after night. Control all your gear.

  • Plan using the skychart
  • Capture images
  • Focus your telescope
  • Autoguide
  • Process your final stacks
  • All night automation


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We have the longest trial of any astronomy software to make sure you have at least a few nights to hook up your gear to PRISM and ensure it works for you

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Let Our Customers Tell You

From amateurs to active professional astronomers across the world


Prism was chosen to supply the data-streams for our astrophysics research with the multi-longitude Global Jet Watch observatories as it was the only commercial software capable of controlling our array of cameras.

Pr. Katherine Blundell / Oxford University

I highly recommend Prism 10 software to all that want to save time and money. This is the best and fastest software on the market for astrophotography and automation in my opinion and is very affordable. Download it and see for yourself….you will become amazed very quickly.

David Collings / Blue Ridge Observatory

I highly recommend Prism to my fellow amateur astrophotographers and citizen scientists. It’s a very rare treat indeed to come across a software package that doesn’t require a whole host of 3rd party addon programs for you to accomplish your goals. From data acquisition, to analysis and processing, Prism really is a “one stop shop” for your software needs.

Scott Iver / Google
Telescopes - Explore Scientific ED152 Air-Spaced Triplet In Carbon Fiber - TED15208CF-FFFR

Amazing program, so much you are able to do with it. Very costomizable. Great software support as well, quick replies and helpful. As an amateur astrophotographer it’s pretty easy to learn and the program can grow with you as you dive into the more advanced features.

Flanagan Steven

This is the most encompassing single software solution to everything astrophotography imaging I have encountered. Potential competitors in the world are very rare.  No American software program or suite can come close to this product. 

Dr. Raymond Merrick
Telescopes - Explore Scientific ED152 Air-Spaced Triplet In Carbon Fiber - TED15208CF-HEXDD3

Software is very well thought of and is packed with anything you would ever need.
The interface is gorgeous, it integrates well all the features.

Luca Grela

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