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why Use Multiple Pieces of Software?

Nothing is more reliable than one Astronomy software to do it all and run night after night.

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Most frequent questions and answers

PRISM is a windows only software but can be virtualized for some applications.

Something to keep in mind ins the limited inherent to virtualizations. Please reach out to us and we will be happy to help.

Absolutely, PRISM can assuredly center your telescope in the night sky using local plate solving, blind plate solving, Astrometry.NET local and online

You bet. PRISM can use a a star centroid to reliably focus your telescope. It can also use fat Fourier transformation to focus on other surface like the surface of the moon. Additionally, it is capable of even focusing on a slit for spectrography

In the lite and professional versions, you can connect and use three cameras:


1x Guider

1x DirectShow video camera

On the other hand, the advanced versions can image with:

2x Simulataneous imagers

1x Guider

up to 8x cameras through a PGM script

The majority of hardware sold nowadays has an ASCOM driver or a supported native driver such as Celestron, SBIG, FLIP, APOGEE

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When all the offered features are combined, no other software on the market can match what is offered in PRISM

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The best solution to get started in Astronomy and continue learning and thriving.

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Filled with advanced professional observatory functions, this is a favorite among professionals


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That besides allot of customization options and styling options for each pticing table elementor included.

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