Additional Information

The purpose of these systems is to carry out All or Full Sky (180°x180°) surveillance of the night or day sky, and in a continuous fashion. It is possible to assess, in real time, the night sky quality, and to record fast phenomena (meteors and fireballs) or slower (satellites, rockets, noctilucent clouds, zodiacal light, aurora, airglow ....).

Thanks to its high sensitivity, this system can record a very good image quality of the night sky, while producing images of stars that will not be trailed by natural Earth rotation, no star tracking is required.

See HERE a real time view of some of our ALL SKY camera running worldwide.

Here is a PDF file describing how our ALL-SKY camera can be used for (application fields)

- 8.3 millions pixel monochrome progressive scan detector with 16 bits digitization
- Cooled CCD minus 25°C from ambiant  
- Digital USB 2.0 output with 20 m cable length
- 185°x185° fisheye field
- Snapshot with long exposure mode
- Active and automatic dome defrost
- Full anodized aluminium casing, water tight box and connectors.
- Embedded 5 position filter wheel (user can choose which filter to integrate, great flexibility) 
- Lens auto-iris and focuser remote control
- Daylight imaging with neutral filter and short exposure

EUDA all sky camera is our high-end camera for profesionnal use, this is an oustanding product that does not have any equivalent elsewhereHere is a link where EUDA camera from customer can be seen running real-time (only during the night).




Please download the files below for further information