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PRISM v10 best astronomy software for a beginner

5 Excellent Reasons PRISM Is The Best Astronomy Software

PRISM v10 is a mature and complete Astronomy software for amateurs or professionals. It includes hundreds of functions to tailor to all knowledge levels. It is the best astronomy software on the market today. We can summarize its benefits in 5 easy to understand categories Serious Easy of Use With its greats user interface, we […]

Tip tilt in PRISM

How to Identify Telescope Optical Tilt in 3 Easy Steps

Telescope Optical tilt is one of the most complicated issues amateur astronomers can face in any type of telescopes. This is easily identifiable in PRISM and can be fixed using some simple tools and techniques. What Do We Mean by Optical Tilt? Telescope collimation is a technique used to align of all the optics to […]

How To Plan an Imaging Session with PRISM

PRISM v10 includes some of the most powerful tools for planning. With a complete skychart on board, the user can simply click a few times to find targets to image very easily. PRISM includes some of the most useful star, galaxy and nebulae catalogs to make easier to retrieve information about location, rise and set times that would otherwise require multiple piece of software

How To Focus a Telescope: Four Easy Ways

We will teach you how to focus a telescope, in a few steps, using the most powerful tools out there. Considering how much automation is currently used in astronomy, it is no surprise that these processes are more and more powerful. One that is used more often is autofocus. To obtain the sharpest images possible, […]

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