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After completing a 200 point pointing model of one of the telescopes in the Atacama Desert in Chile, I tried to image a target that was well suited for this telescope. It is an absolutely stunning telescope with only premium components, it consists of:

Mount : Nova120 direct drive

Telescope: ASA 16" Newtonian

Camera: FLI Proline16803

Capture and Processing: PRISM v10 ( of course :-D )

Joaquin's telescope

Exposure details

Since this is quite a bright nebula, I thought about only using 300s exposures, having it available to image for close to 8 hours that night, I did invest the entire night in it.

The details are:

L: 300s x 50

R: 300s x 12

G: 300s x 12

B: 12 x 300s

typically I add Ha to a big galaxy like this to really capitalize on the galaxies within, but I do not remember having done that.


The typical process involves capturing the data with PRISM as well as pre-processing. For post-processing, PRISM is very capable of accomplishing this task. However, it is not designed to replace the likes of Photoshop. Instead, it provides a quick and powerful way to edit images and publish if that it what you wish to do. 


Pre-process with PRISM. Apply the bias, darks and flats to the image easily and automatically


Align the channels with PRISM. This is the process where PRISM align the LRGB frames using the stars in the images


Export from PRISM to Photoshop as a TIFF 16bit.


Post-process with Photoshop and publish.


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