About Us

About Hyperion Astronomy

Hyperion Astronomy is an online retailer specializing in premium Astronomy products including software and hardware. We hope to provide you with the best prices online as well as a wealth of information to grow.

Initially, we created our company to support PRISM v10 across the continents, this incredibly powerful software that we believe, and still do, would provide a great starting and everlasting imaging and analysis platform.

Over time, we decided to expand our offerings to the amateur and professional communities by selecting the best products and the lowest possible prices.

Hyperion Astronomy is growing thanks to its incredible customer base filled with astronomers all over the world that keep producing some incredible images and scientific discoveries. This alone is an incredible reason to keep going.

More than Just a Business

We use the majority of the products we sell ourselves and we can provide timely and accurate support for practically any question out customers might have.

We work very closely with the manufacturers that we happen to know personally, this is just a sales point, we are astronomers as well.