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5 Excellent Reasons PRISM Is The Best Astronomy Software



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PRISM v10 is a mature and complete Astronomy software for amateurs or professionals. It includes hundreds of functions to tailor to all knowledge levels. It is the best astronomy software on the market today.

We can summarize its benefits in 5 easy to understand categories

Serious Easy of Use

With its greats user interface, we have made sure to enable the user to customize it in any color or window format they wish. We have included more than 10 different skins to please all tastes

Absolutely Compact

A complete all-in-one software that does need any other package to operate, PRISM gives you the densest set of features in one packages capable of:

  • Hardware Control
    • Up to 8x imaging cameras in an array
    • 1x autoguider
    • 1x mounts
    • 2x focusers
    • 2x filter wheels
    • 1x Adaptive optics unit
    • 1x dome/roll-off-roof
    • 1x instrument selector
    • 1x cloud watcher
    • 1x weather station
    • 1x GPS

PRISM is capable of running an entire observatory, with up to 8 cameras in an array, while you sleep. This is especially important for hand-off.

When it comes to capture, PRISM can autofocus, autoguide, plate solve and capture your images without needing any other software. In other words, just like out remote observatory, you’ll only need PRISM and your hardware drivers.

Very Powerful

Not everyone can claim to have as powerful of a package as PRISM can. Is it truly a one-stop-shop that does everything for the astronomer from planning to publishing.

If the tools and features we include does suit you, you are welcome to build you own. That’s right ! with the onboard PGM scripting langauge, you can write any script you want with this easy to use language that resembles clodely the all-time favorite Basic.

For the astrophotographer, PRISM includesa complete toolkit from planning to publishing. With its complete skychart packaged full with all star and deep sky object catalogs, there is plenty to image from. Some great features are:

  • Deep sky survey direct download and embed on the sky chart
  • Field of view simulators in the sky chart
  • Master calibration frames acquisition and processing
  • A full pre-processing tool with advanced blooming
  • Debayer for one-shot-color cameras
  • Full filtered image processing, PRISM will even assign the right flats to the lights using the filter color attribute in the FTITs headers.
  • Quality checks for which images get added to the stack including elongation of the stars and their size as well. This is VERY handy to get the highest signal-to-noise ratio possible. This is how you make beautiful images with exquisite round stars and a lof of detail
  • Post-processing is

Shallow Learning Curve

If you have spent any length of time in astronomy and astrophotography in general, you know well that it is not easy task. Added to that, a slew of information all over the internet about what you should do as a beginner. Some of them of these folks give advice based on their own experiences and some have had a rather rough time.

But does it have to be difficult? not really.

Becoming familiar with a single software is the most efficient way to get start right and progress quickly. On top of that, one’s reflexes becomes more refined over time to the point where it becomes just muscle memory.

PRISM is one, if not the, easiest software to learn thanks to:

  • Great documentation
  • Detailed and easy to use interface
  • Great support in both French and English
  • Over 60 Youtube video tutorials in both French and English

Timely Updates

The developer updates PRISM on a monthly basis and provides security and bug fixes as well as feature additions. We do not believe in making the customer pay for bug fixes.

Every license purchases guarantees updates for at least 3 years as the developer supports the last 3 versions simultaneously. Once you version is no longer supported, your copy of PRISM will continue to work permanently.

Awesome and Competent Support

You may write the best software of all time, but if you don’t support it, what good is it?

We are very proud to stand by PRISM all along your journey. We happily provide:

  • User manuals
  • Email support
  • Forum
  • Remote assistance, when needed
  • Live hang out with us on Saturdays open to all customers worldwide
  • 2x Youtube channels proving tutorials in both English and French


For the beginner just starting out in Astronomy/astrophotography, we encourage you to download the 80 day long trial, reach our quick start guide and watch our Youtube videos to fully understand how and why we do things

For the seasoned amateur and professional astronomer, PRISM
We believe that PRISM offers the highest function/dollar spent in any software on the market, it is the best way for beginners

Please visit the PRISM main page to discover all the incredible things it can do:

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