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Why Hyperion Astronomy

We believe Hyperion Astronomy provides the best and highest quality astronomical products for the lowest prices possible. We believe this incredible hobby ought to be cheaper.

We want our valued customers, and future ones, to find all the information they need in one place, we thrive to share our knowledge and know-how with everyone.

We have a great selection of telescopes for astrophotography ( apochromatic refractors, Imaging newtonians ), as well as visual viewing (Ddobsonian telescopes ) Astronomy software, flat panels, mounts, focusers, rotators and much more. These products are known to provide the highest quality and longevity possible.

For professional applications ( space, defense, meteorology, agriculture), we carry a wide range of professional tools such as allsky camera, direct drive mounts, sharck-hartmann analyzers, instrument selectors and more.